Violent Crimes


Were you arrested for a violent crime? If convicted as a violent crimes offender you could face several years in prison and be labeled a violent offender upon your release. You need a Columbia criminal defense attorney you can trust who can put together a robust defense for you. All accused have a right to a legal defense and my law firm can provide the experienced legal counsel and attorney representation you deserve.

As a trained negotiator and litigator, I can work towards the best possible outcome for your criminal case. At Leddy Law Firm, LLC I offer all my clients the vigorous defense they need to avoid convictions. With my firm, you have 24 hour access to a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” attorney who can put your needs first!

Those convicted of a violent crime can face substantial consequences in addition to jail time and fines including loss of immigration status, the right to own a firearm, voting rights, and other civil rights. Even being arrested in itself can result in losing your rights. Violent crimes include aggravated assault, aggravated battery, child abuse, domestic violence, manslaughter, homicide, robbery, rape, and sexual assault.

Most violent crimes are charged as felonies which can result in well over a year in prison for a conviction. An aggravated assault conviction, for example, carries up to 20 years in state prison. Some violent crimes can even be charged as federal offenses which carry even worse penalties.

As your Columbia criminal defense lawyer, I can fight your violent crimes charges. My firm can uphold your rights and work towards a positive resolution of your case. Leddy Law Firm, LLC is a skilled attorney office at mitigating your criminal violent crime case.

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