In South Carolina, drug charges can span far beyond just possessing or selling a drug. There are other miscellaneous drug offenses recognized by the state of South Carolina that may apply to your specific drug charge situation. The main goal of The Leddy Law Firm, LLC is to ensure clients are well educated on the law and understand the nuances of the legal complexities they may face. Learn the facts about drug charges in order to mitigate the risk of being arrested, charged, or convicted of a serious drug crime.

Penalties for drug crimes can be especially severe. Many individuals convicted of drug crimes face lengthy jail sentences, fines, or the possibility of state-mandated rehabilitative care. The sooner you reach out to an experienced lawyer, the stronger your chances for reducing the penalties in your case.

What if the Drugs Were Prescribed?

If you are legally prescribed prescription drugs by a doctor, be sure to never travel with the drugs outside of their officially prescribed packaging. If you carry pills or other prescription drugs in a separate pouch or bag, it can look suspicious to a law enforcement officer and create a problem for you if you’re pulled over or detained. If you’ve been found in possession of a controlled substance and you are not legally prescribed that drug, it’s possible you can face jail time or other severe financial penalties. You can be subject to a hefty fine, or in some cases, community service or mandatory drug rehabilitation.

What About Intent to Distribute Charges?

In South Carolina, intent to sell or distribute near a school or a park is a charge is recognized by the state government as illegal. If you are selling or otherwise distributing drugs in one of these aforementioned areas, this is considered a serious offense under South Carolina state law, because it endangers especially vulnerable populations such as children. A drug crime attorney is accustomed to these types of cases and can work with your case to help provide the best possible outcome.

Additionally, South Carolina State law recognizes the obtaining of drugs due to fraud, deceit, or by any other dishonest means. For example, this can mean stealing a prescription pad from a doctor’s office and using it to forge perceptions for controlled substances. The penalties for this situation are contingent upon the unique details of your case. A first offense can mean a fine and jail time, and repeat offenders often face penalties much harsher than that.

How Can an Attorney Help in a Drug Crimes Case?

In some drug crime cases, the convicted individual faces a misdemeanor or other minor charge. But in more severe cases, you may face a felony. Working with a compassionate, motivated lawyer as soon as possible will mitigate the risk of serious criminal penalties. Contact The Leddy Law Firm, LLC the moment you find yourself in trouble with drug charges. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to anyone who faces legal trouble regarding drug possession, intent to sell, or any other miscellaneous drug charge.