If you or a loved one have been convicted of a DUI resulting in injury or death, the case may seem impossible to defend. The severity and consequences you face can be overwhelming – The Leddy Law Firm, LLC understands this can be a tough burden to bear.

If you have, in fact, been involved with a DUI that injured or killed another person, it’s likely you have a serious case on your hands. Stakes are high in these types of cases as penalties are severe and the courts are not always lenient on those convicted of this type of crime. The prosecution is tough and determined to fight for the victim, but you need someone on your side too.

What Part do the Police Play in My DUI Case?

Your DUI charge often starts with the police. However, they are infallible. In some cases, police officers make mistakes in their operations protocol that can affect the results of your case. They often fail to ask your consent to a breathalyzer, which is illegal. Police can also sometimes improperly administer a breathalyzer. Breathalyzers are not always accurate, and can sometimes lead to false numbers.

Sometimes police officers do not have sufficient grounds to search your vehicle but do so anyway. In these specific incidences, the details of your case may become inaccurate and not able to be considered in court. The goal of The Leddy Law Firm, LLC is to compile all the genuine and truthful facts of your case and work to help the courts see the facts and rule in your favor.

It’s important to remember that regardless of your situation, every individual in the United States is entitled to a fair and just trial under the United States Constitution. This is why it’s extremely important to work with a lawyer who is tenacious, hardworking, and skilled in the art of litigation and negotiation. In addition to your right to a fair trial, you’re entitled to have legal counsel by your side to help you navigate the complexities of the law. It’s possible that your penalties can be reduced. Jail time is the most commonly administered penalty for a case of this severity, but with the right legal help and guidance, jail time can possibly be reduced to a shorter sentence. In the best possible scenario, your case could be dismissed entirely.

How Can a DUI Attorney Help?

Whatever the complexities of your DUI case, The Leddy Law Firm, LLC can help. Micah Leddy is a motivated, compassionate DUI lawyer committed to serving South Carolina residents in need of legal aid. Every DUI case has a right to be defended. If you feel hopeless or lost after a DUI charge, contact The Leddy Law Firm, LLC at 803-779-9966 as soon as you possibly can.

The Leddy Law Firm, LLC offers a free, no-obligation consultation of your case. Only a skilled DUI attorney can fight for justice in your case and ensure your voice is heard in court. You deserve a fair trial and legal representation just like anyone else, regardless of the crime of which you’ve been accused.