Property Crimes


If you have been accused of property crime, don’t despair! I am a Columbia criminal defense attorney who is prepared to fight on your behalf.

My law firm offers vigorous legal advocacy to my clients. You may come across many attorneys who are less experienced or too impersonal. What differentiates me is that I do not believe in treating clients that way. I do everything in my power to ensure that I build a strong relationship with you. This helps me determine how I can form an argument in your property crime case that is most advantageous.

When it comes to property crimes, you must first understand how the law defines property (aka theft crime) charges. Property crimes include larceny, shoplifting, check fraud, burglary, and breach of trust

Many of these types of criminal offenses involve proving that there was intent to deprive someone of the property (steal the property), the action was carried out with that intent, and the evidence discovered supports the accusations. Without these elements proven, then there can be no conviction and thus no criminal case.

Under South Carolina law, all theft offenses are categorized as larceny. Larceny is the crime of theft of goods or any other item of value. Larceny is sentenced based on the value of the property involved. The lowest-level theft offense is petit larceny and the most serious is grand larceny.

In a similar instance, breach of trust laws are defined under South Carolina Laws as a form of embezzlement. Breach of trust takes place when there is disagreement between an employer and employee regarding lost money or goods. If you are accused of breach of trust by your employer, you can face serious penalties without strong representation.

If you have been charged with the crime of theft, think of hiring Leddy Law Firm, LLC as your Columbia criminal defense attorney. I can help you resolve your issue and provide you with the time and attention your case requires. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime of theft in South Carolina, take action by calling our office today.