Car accidents are devastating and can cause lasting damage that impacts your life. Accidents happen at a moment’s notice but can leave a trail of devastation and lead to time-consuming responsibilities that last far beyond the scene of the crime. Dealing with the insurance companies, fighting with the guilty party, and most importantly taking care of medical issues can be daunting and burdensome challenges. A personal injury lawyer can help ease the burden caused by a car accident, but there are important steps you can keep in mind in order to help strengthen your case ahead of time.

What Steps Should I Take After a Car Accident?

The number one concern after a car accident should always be to seek medical attention. Even if your injuries seem minor, seeking medical attention mitigates the risk of any serious physical injury going unnoticed, especially because problems may arise further down the line if you’ve left a minor injury unexamined. Immediately go to the hospital or other emergency care facility. It’s very important to the success of a personal injury case to have thorough documentation of any medical problems following a car accident. It can be difficult to prove the liability of the other party if you fail to seek medical attention right away. If you happen to miss work because of injuries sustained but fail to see a medical professional, you may not be entitled to recovering lost wages in court.

In the first moments after an accident, while you are still on the scene, after calling an ambulance, immediately move toward safety. Accidents happen quickly, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed; however, remember to never stand in the middle of the road or even close on the shoulder. Move to safety, even if it means leaving your car and possessions in an unfavorable area. Protecting your body and life is the utmost concern after any car accident. Thinking of these things ahead of time, can help when you’re in the moment and adrenalin and emotions are running high.

What Evidence and Information is Vital After an Accident?

If your physical state permits, and there is no immediate emergency, take photographs of the scene of the accident as best as possible. If it’s nighttime, use flash and be sure to get a clear picture of the damage to the car and to your person. Take pictures of road signs that indicate speed, hazardous conditions, or necessary precautions that must be taken. Any evidence you can provide that confirms the liability of the other party, the stronger your case will be in court.

Always remember to get the contact information from the other party involved in the accident. Be sure to take note of their full first and last name, home address, and insurance provider. Many people just involved in a car accident overlook the license plate—make sure to jot down the make and model of the other car(s) in addition to the license plate number. Keeping all of this information on hand makes filing your injury lawsuit a bit easier and having this information available for an attorney simplifies liaising with insurance companies.

How Can an Attorney Help After a Car Accident?

Speak with a skilled attorney as soon as possible, if you’ve been involved in any kind of car accident. Never fight to prove your innocence alone. Personal injury law is the cornerstone of The Leddy Law Firm, LLC. You can reach out to a car accident lawyer that has many years of experience building personal injury cases involving car accident law for the guidance you need. If you’re a Columbia, SC, resident and facing the ramifications after a car accident situation, contact The Leddy Law Firm, LLC as soon as possible to get started building your injury case.