Motorcycles are a widely used method of transportation and a point of pride for many bike riding enthusiasts. Motorcycles are an exciting way of traveling, but operating one poses a unique set of risks completely different than those of using another type of vehicle.

Motorcycle accident cases are a branch of personal injury law. Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately very common, as the majority of motor vehicle operators on the road are cars and truck drivers who often don’t take the safety of motorcyclists into consideration, often putting riders’ lives at risk.

If you are a motorcycle rider who was injured in a crash with another vehicle, you need to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible because you are possibly entitled to compensation for your injuries. Reaching out to an attorney and explaining all the aspects of your case is the first step to recovery from your injuries. Gathering the details and documents relating to your accident and subsequent medical care will help your attorney establish fault and build a successful case on your behalf.

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents Often More Severe?

All drivers of all vehicles know in the blink of an eye, anything can happen. It’s always important for drivers of cars or trucks to stay vigilantly alert while driving, but these drivers don’t always pay attention to motorcycles that might appear in their blind spot.
A car or truck can better absorb the shock impact of a high-impact crash, as there’s simply more metal and window framing surrounding a driver in a car. A motorcycle leaves the driver exposed to harm, and an accident involving a motorcycle can be much more harmful than a standard crash.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you may very well be at risk for serious medical complications, such as a TBI (traumatic brain injury), and worse, you may not know right away if you have sustained this damage, as the symptoms may take time to develop. Examining these possibilities now is important. You deserve help before it is too late.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, The Leddy Law Firm, LLC understands your needs. There are legal steps you can take to ensure you’re properly compensated for what’s happened to you. Any injury sustained, time spent out of work, and physical property damages will be taken into consideration when developing your personal injury case. Trust an experienced personal injury lawyer to provide you with personalized, compassionate care. With well over a decade of personal injury law experience, the Leddy Law Firm, LLC is ready to fight for what’s owed to you in court.